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BTRIPP Books – 2008  
ISBN: 978-1-57353-408-6



The Bell Curve
Richard J. Herrnstein & Charles Murray

The Lopsided Ape
Michael C. Corballis

Rewriting History
Dick Morris

Secrets of the Ancient Incas
Michael Peter Langevin

Teachings of Gurdjieff
C.S. Nott

The Unknowable Gurdjieff
Margaret Anderson

The First American
C.W. Ceram

Our Universe
S. Alan Stern

The Mind of God
Paul Davies

Wisdom of the Buddha
F. Max Müller

Why I Am Not A Christian
Bertrand Russell

Oscar Wilde

Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword
John Whiteside Parsons

Strange Angel
George Pendle

Intelligence, Race, and Genetics
Frank Miele

Because He Could
Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home
Rupert Sheldrake

Women Astronomers
Mabel Armstrong

Thus Spake Zarathustra
Friedrich Nietzsche

The Nature of a Liberal College
Henry M. Wriston

Prometheus Bound

About Faces
Terry Landau

The Meaning of Masonry
W.L. Wilmshurst

The Celts
Frank Delany

When Character Was King
Peggy Noonan

Mark Borax

Tim Wallace-Murphy & Marilyn Hopkins

Julian Richards

The Age of Reason
Thomas Paine

High Crimes and Misdemeanors
Ann Coulter

Ellis Island
Pamela Reeves

Old Path White Clouds
Thich Nhat Hanh

A History of the Arab Peoples
Albert Hourani

The Mummy
Joyce Tyldesley

Wine For Dummies
Ed McCarthy & Mary Ewing-Mulligan

A Chronicle History of Forts and Fortresses
Martin Brice

Peter Ackroyd

Our Visit To Israel
Emmanuel Dehan

Emotional Intelligence
Daniel Goleman

Personal Mythology
David Feinstein & Stanley Krippner

What Would Buddha Do?
Franz Metcalf

The Cerebral Symphony
William H. Calvin

Art Is a Way of Knowing
Pat B. Allen

The Four Agreements Companion Book
Don Miguel Ruiz & Janet Mills

The Gurdjieff Work
Kathleen Riordan Speeth

Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow
Marsha Sinetar

Healing the Soul in the Age of the Brain
Dr. Elio Frattaroli

American Indian Stories
Gertrude Simmons Bonnin / Zitkala-Sa

About Time
Paul Davies

The Art of Leadership
J. Donald Walters

The Secret Services Handbook
Michael Bradley

Yucatan Before and After the Conquest
Friar Diego de Landa

Perle Epstein

Killing The Buddha
Jeff Sharlet & Peter Manseau

Science and Society in Prehistoric Britain
Dr. Euan W. MacKie

Mystery of the Nile
Richard Bangs & Pasquale Scaturro

Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience
William Blake

The Revolution
Ron Paul

Beyond Stonehenge
Gerald S. Hawkins

1066: The Year of the Conquest
David Howarth

Return from Death
Margot Grey

Comic Insights
Franklyn Ajaye

The Way Things Ought to Be
Rush Limbaugh

Decoding the Universe
Charles Seife

Chicago Poems
Carl Sandburg

The Book Of Lies
Aleister Crowley

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
Douglas Adams

Jump Start Your Brain
Doug Hall