Student Guide to Conducting Dissertation Research

The process of effectively searching for sources either at the library or online should not get complicated. If you learn to develop excellent research questions, develop your plan and go through all the available options, you can start right off using some of the best sources to help you conduct research. This guide will assist you in how to conduct a research study. Here are the steps of scientific research.

Forming the research question

Anytime you seek to find information on some topic, that is known as research. You can choose to find information on a topic that you are not familiar with and also go ahead to provide some evidence for some of the claims that you make in a presentation or your essay. You can collect your data, read information online or use some of the previous projects to help you reach your findings. You can choose to conduct exploratory research, which involves reading online articles or conducting supportive research where you can find your argument in several academic sources like magazines or books or online databases.

Explore online resources

The internet has a ton of information, and it can help you develop your dissertation or research depending on the topic of your chosen period. You need to be very careful because there are many sources of information there, but some are not credible. You can use government websites, non-profit websites, or blogs that have got opinions of other people, which can help you develop your ideas. You can also look for research paper writing help online.

Utilize the library

You can talk to the librarian because they are the most helpful sources of data and information more than the books. You can present your research question and any research that you have gone through to that point. You can also bring up any other assignments that you have done in the past. You can then ask the librarians to assist you in finding the best resources.

You can also research other databases, books, and magazines for information. Books will give you some of the views of the topics you want because you will find many studies and expert analyses within the books. While conducting research, ensure that you don’t go through every word. Ensure that you are a quick read and efficient skimmer to find the best information fast and smoothly. You can start by reading the abstract or introducing the source to ensure that your research topic is within those pages. If it doesn’t have what you want, then put it aside and continue with the search.

Conduct primary research

If the project calls for a subjective or local subject, you need to perform some primary research. You can also locate or find some sample sizes which will work best for you. Not everyone will want to use questionnaires or surveys in their research. Ensure that you are always conscious of any bias. Therefore you need to aim for a distributed gender, place of birth, age, and socioeconomic background.

Organize your research

You will first begin by evaluating the sources that you have used. You need to identify persuasive sources and arguments and utilize them in your opinion. You can then go-ahead to develop a thesis statement from the research that you have conducted. It is the central thing that will prove the presentation of your research. You need to ensure that it is specific and debatable and will also provide you with a roadmap for where the dissertation might project to. Learn how to quote and paraphrase well. Try and translate sources and refresh them in your own words and remember that day should be attributed, and they will be practical whenever you need to summarize your position or your argument in a brief way. That way, you will give the author the credit that they deserve so that the reader knows that the words you have used or observations are not your own.